Out of the mouth of children and babies, Lord,
You have made your praise complete  

365 Videoclips

Bible Verses by Children

Mark my Words

Mark My Words Foundation (MMW) produce a series of 365 videoclips in which children recite bible verses. These short clips of just a few seconds each, can be used for Christian (satellite) television and on internet, using Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) . Our goal is to produce 365 videoclips with local children in a wide range of languages.
Now available in Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Children aged 8-11 years will appear on the screen and quote the Bible verse. The verse is also shown on the screen in titles. The verses come from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.  Depending on the length of the verse,  the clips will each be about 10-25 seconds. The recordings will be made with children from local churches and/or Christian primary schools, of course with clear permission from the parents.

Bible verses

MMW Foundation wants to present the gospel to non-Christians in different countries, in the purest form (without explanation) and in a neutral way. Often people are more open to words spoken by children, even if they do not know the source of the words. MMW simply wants viewers to get to know Biblical truths, words of wisdom, love and mercy, words of Jesus Christ themselves, by quoting them without interpretation. Let people become interested, let them chew on the words and long for more. And let them pass it on yourself, share via Social Media.
And also as encouragement for Christians living with persecution in closed countries: "I enjoy hearing your words. That is the most beautiful thing for me "(Psalm 119, 103). It can also be educational as a challenge for parents to learn the Bible verses with their children. In some places illiteracy is still quite high, and these videoclips by children are both attractive and adorable, and a wonderful way to help people who can not read or write, to learn Bible truths. This will be effective for both Christians and non-Christians.
MMW believes that the need to share words of God directly from the Bible is clear, especially in countries where Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism is dominant and has an enormous influence on individuals and society.

Content on Social Media

Social Media (mainly Facebook and Instagram, but also Twitter and WhatsApp) are pre-eminently the means of communication of in the 21st century. The video clips for these type of media must be of high quality, they must be short (10-25 seconds) and also suitable for a smartphone. By including and distributing the Bible verses in the language of the country, you can get a connection with millions who use social media. Many churches have major mission activities in countries where the number of users of Facebook is very high. For example countries as Indonesia, India, Brazil and Thailand. Experience has shown that in many countries churches and Christians are active on social media, but the same experience also says that it is difficult to place content on their own pages.
By uploading the clips or sending a USB stick to these churches with 365 video clips, you can place a new Bible verse every day, creating a high attention to visit the Facebook/Instagram page. And you can add your own information for follow-up and discipleship.  

Background information

The concept / idea was developed by Gerrit Bril for Arab Vision. 'Mark my Words' is already available in Arabic, and recordings are currently being made in Kurdish. Since November 1, 2018 the concept will be further developed by MMW Foundation. In production and soon available are complete series in (African) English and Bahasa Indonesia. After recording and editing the clips will be available for distribution to churches, missionary organizations, tv-stations and their network in the countries of the languages.
As a spin-off photos can be made of the children with a Bible verse, these can be used (with translation) as a postcard for their own supporters. The clips can also be subtitled in your own languages for use on your own social media in the country where you life.
The concept of 'Mark my Words' was nominated in 2018 at the Award Film Festival ICVM (International Christian Visual Media) Award in Nashville (USA) and at the biennial Film Festival of CEVMA (Christian European Visual Media Association) in Burbach, Germany. For both festivals in the category sort films/video clips.
MMW Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in the Netherlands with the aim of producing video clips with Bible verses in various languages for different countries. The clips are produced cost-effectively. Remaining funds are added to the continuity reservation for the purpose of the foundation to produce more clips in other languages.

Executive Producer

Gerrit Bril is executive producer for MMW. Gerrit has many years of working experience in Christian media in the Netherlands as a television producer for NCRV / ZvK. His programs have been awarded internationally. Through the Eurodonation Fund he was involved as a teacher / media trainer in South Africa, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Uganda. Media and Mission have his heart, besides media experience he is a Board Member for Utrecht Mission / DVN, De Brug Foundation and he works as fundraiser Asia for 3xM (More Message in the Media). In 2017/2018 he worked for Arab Vision International.  

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